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  • My father suffers from a Chronic Kidney Disease. How can Laminine help if at all?

    • Laminine helps to rebuild and supplement all cells, and it’s considered an effective treatment for improving the kidney function. After taking the supplement patients report an improved health, and most of them also have their creatinine levels lowered. There are numerous testimonies where it actually helped to recover from renal failure.

  • How effective is laminine against stroke? Should I take it? I’m 69 years old.. thanks

    • We’ve been dealing with many different supplements on the Philippine market, also having a lot of patients who have suffered from stroke. Yet, only Laminine received the most positive feedback and recommended itself as truly effective, especially long-term. The good thing is that it works both for these with recent stroke and post-recovery maintenance, though not all can afford to maintain it. Well, if you have the budget, you should definitely take it!

  • Hi.. Can laminine help for Breast Cancer at 4th stage?

    • Yes, laminine is helpful for any kind of cancer at any stage: prostate cancer, brain cancer, even leukemia. While improving the immune system and strengthening healthy cells it helps fighting the malignant cells, triggering their apoptosis. On the other hand the shark cartilage (which is one of the laminine ingredients) also helps to ‘dry’ the cancer cells by cutting down their blood supply and thus revert metastasis.

  • Hi! Can laminine help clear my vision? Tenks

    • Yes, it can improve both vision and hearing. But it depends on case to case basis.

  • hello my husband undorgo in dialysis due to ckd stage 3. can he recovered from this illness?

  • Hi, I have been taking Laminine for near a month now 4 capsules per day and I have seen no improvement with my acne , I would even say it has got worse please can you tell me when I can expect to see some improvements with my condition? Regards

    • Although Laminine can be effective for certain hormonal problems, I’m inclined to believe that it has no particular effect on acnes. I advise to take Althea tablet from your local pharmacy – you will start seeing improvements after 3 months of use.

  • My mother has a tumor in the nose and classified by doctor as a stage 4 cancer, could laminine cure my mom’s illness even without the aid of chemotherapy? I’m hoping for the response. Thank you in advance

    • Yes, I advise you to try out laminine before starting chemotherapy, you shall see the improvement.

  • My old man has hypertension,diabetes Alzheimer’s,and restricted lung desease he is 85 yrs old and taking a lot of medicines for the above,how many should he take each day if I buy lamenine.

    • I would advise 6 a day or 2-2-2 for morning, afternoon and evening. Eventually, when you start seeing improvement you can reduce to 2-3 caps a day.

  • My father has metastatic cancer and has large tumors in his lungs, stomach, abdomen, liver and who knows where else. He is very weak and may be suffering cachexia and is already bedridden. He has been taking LAMININE for 8 days now and still suffers pain and always agitated. Will this product still work for him?

    • Well it certainly help, although you need to understand that it takes longer time to recover from aggravated conditions. Doctors advise taking it for at least 1 month course but most individuals feel the effects sooner, usually within a week.

  • Can laminine help treat melanoma or skin cancer.Thanks in advance.

    • Laminine is beneficial for all types of cancers, including melanoma. It is not a cure of course, but it helps reducing growth of malignant cells and getting it into the state of regression. Therefore, as the symptoms subside, individuals do report feeling better even after a short term supplementation.

  • Hi, I have hypertension, bad cholesterol and thyroid (hyper) and I’m taking prescription medicine.
    I am now taking laminine and I can say that it really helps me. May BP had improved and my thyroid toxicity has gone down.
    I also want to take Laminine Omega plus for my bad cholesterol, but I don’t know when to take it and if has any side effects with my medicines.
    Please advise me on how to take it.
    thank you.

    • I’m glad it helps, thanks for sharing! It is advised to take Laminine omega in the same fashion as the original Laminine. As for the dosage, usually 2-3 caps / day is more than enough. There is no problem for taking it for prevention either, in fact prevention is the best medicine. :)

  • Thanks for the comments. Have not started my Laminine yet but I am surely looking forward.

  • How can this help someone with Vitiligo?

    • It’s hard to say, though clinical trials show it is beneficial for skin in general. You can try it as a maintenance supplement for prevention of worsening of the condition, but you will need to take it continuously.

  • Hi, my mother has diagnose stage 4 papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer and a tumor in her neck and it began bleeding. Can laminine help in treatment of my mother’s condition?

    • Yes, Laminine can be used as an additional supplement to help fighting cancer, although at this stage of course she will need urgent clinical treatment.

  • Hi!I just want to ask if Laminine could heal and cure my husbands solitary pulmonary nodule smaller than 3cm in his right lung. I hope Laminine can heal his nodule because we are starting our Canada Immigration. We are so worried about my husbands nodule. And how many capsules will my husband will take daily? Is it ok if my husband is taking anti tb drugs and other prescribed medicines? ( maintenance).

    • Greetings. You can take laminine with prescribed meds but make some interval in between. 2 capsules a day (before meals) is an appropriate dosage. Laminine will help recovery process and also strengthen immune system, so yes it’s a very good supplementary aid for him.

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