Science Agrees on Laminine Benefits

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  • 18 Clinical Studies show that regular use of Laminine helps to:
Burn Fat Promote Restful Sleep
Decrease Pain Build Collagen for healthy skin
Reduce Stress Increase Clarity and alertness
Increase Libido Increase in Physical Strenth
Aid in Brain Function Increase in Mental Strenth
Reduce signs of aging Increase in Emotional Strenth
Stimulate Natural DHEA Quicker Muscle Recovery
Stimulate Testosterone Increased Muscle Tone
Elevate Serotonin Levels Improve Stamina & Enery

Scientific notions on laminine benefits:

Although testimonials have been saying about very high effectiveness of this supplement, some people still refuse to believe that it actually works. There are some individuals who will always say that Laminine works only because it is advertised on the TV where people are led to believe in its effectiveness through what they call as marketing tricks and such. There are however, plenty of scientific notions about Laminine, which are simply undeniable.

In this article we do not intend to make a detailed study but only to bring a small portion of these scientific references that may explain the above mentioned benefits, and even these that are not mentioned. We hope this will help to instill some trust in these that refuse to believe in the power of Laminine. By the way, there has been a great breakthrough in recent, regarding this respect. In December 2014 this supplement was officially acknowledged by PDR!

  • Laminine, with its combination of pese and creatine results in reduced tiredness and fatigue, improving the energy exchange of the muscles. According to placebo study in 1996, a control group taking laminine has indicated an increase in strength of the athletes.
  • Laminine can also improve memory. Memory function is dependent on Glutamate and Glycine amino acids, which laminine supplies in plenty. Glycine is obtained from sharks cartilage and the other ingredient is – a vegetable protain – is extracted from yellow pesa.
  • It has also indicated to improve the signs of depression, which is commonly caused by many factors. The reason to it is due to serotonin increase after the consumption of Lysine, another amino-acid that laminine contains. The effect of serotonin increase may not only alleviate the sign of depression but also bring the feeling of well being and happiness.
  • Other proteins provide a good dose of Arginine, a precursor of nitric oxide, that is important for the organism life processes. It relaxes the blood vessels and improves the blood flow, hence another benefit is that is that it promotes a better cardiovascular functioning.
  • Another component of laminine is a powerful antioxidant – Cysteine, which is nowadays being studied for its beneficial effect for the skin. It can remove free radicals and toxins from the body, if taken on a regular basis. Also it has been shown in a role of protective agent against the associated diseases such as Cancer, Aids and cirrhosis.
  • Laminine can also imrpove your Skin, Hair and Nails, as it contains another marine protein – Glycine, that helps to build collagen, an essential component for a smooth and healthy skin. Another amino-acid L‐Cysteine, promotes a hair growth and improves the hair texture.
  • Laminine has also a great effect of improving the sleep, and bringing a calming feeling of relaxation. That can be addressed to the reduced levels of cortisol, that is, a stress hormone. It’s indicated to have a significant reduction of stress hormone. On the other hand the excess of stress hormone may lead to particular conditions associated with it, such as strokes, bowel problems, asthma, colitis and hypertension.

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