Lifepharm Global Network (LPGN) is a daughter Lifepharm Inc., the company with extensive background and a wide experience in the food supplement industry. However it’s multilevel branch has been launched only recently, in 2011 with the invention and patent of unique supplement called Laminine. What has quickly distinguished Laminine from the other food supplements is that it turned out to be that one pill, which is good for all and everyone. Since then the network grew rapidly, and has gained recognition for its product throughout the world. In 2012 it has expanded to Philippines and within this short period of time has already produced hundreds of millionaires in this country, and yet it’s still fresh and keeps on growing, providing an excellent opportunity for you.

The main concept of the company is to simply make people happy, giving the best for both consumers and distributors while adjusting to their needs. It is known as By You, For You – principle that lies at the heart of the company and the cornerstone on which LPGN was built. LifePharm Global Network is in the business of enhancing lives, creating better livelihoods and leaving legacies for future generations. These positive changes…emotional, mental, physical and financial…have already been embraced by many thousands. With a life-changing, proprietary product…plus a unique and rewarding opportunity to create a better livelihood…LifePharm Global Network is enhancing the well-being and lifestyle of people around the globe.


compensation Set aside the quality of the company, effectiveness of the product and overall demand, marketing plan is not an exception from this dazzling opportunity picture. How is it so, and what makes it so different? Well the first thing to note about marketing plan is that unlike for other companies, it scales very deep and provides commissions for up to 12 generational levels, aside from other perks and bonuses. What that actually means on practice could be compared to something like planting of mangoes, where from one seed grows a huge tree, and so your commission scales up as it keeps expanding.
presentation1 All it takes from you is to plant that tree by recruiting a couple of strong members, and then just sowing what you’ve once planted. You are not required to recruit continuously in order to receive your commission. At the same time, there is no such things as flushout and pairings within Laminine network. Although ideally, you should try to balance your legs, even if you don’t it does not result in any penalties or limitations, which are commonly experienced by networkers from other companies. Overall the marking plan is very well balanced, deep, pays out very solid commissions to its distributors and also offers nice bonus rewards.



To attain membership, all you need is to purchase one of the above packages that include Laminine at already discounted or distributor’s price. To proceed online registration please click “Join Now”, we can also help you to sign up using cash. The delivery options may vary,  feel free to inquire and if you need any assistance, just give us a call.


Why join Lifepharm Global?:

  • Low maintenance cost – only 1 box per month
  • No flashouts, No pairings
  • Matrix commissions for up to 2^12 descendants
  • Enrollment commissions for up to 5 generations
  • Direct recruits commission on consequent purchases
  • Excellent brand awareness and popularity
  • Many testimonies, product efficacy
  • Still fresh in the Philippines
  • Holding daily seminars in Manila

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