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The Marketing plan of Laminine is really great…

If you are a networker and looking for business seriously, you will never get disappointed, because the company does pay a lot!

Why should you join Lifepharm Global?

  • timemoneyLow maintenance cost – only 1 box per month
  • No flashouts, No pairings
  • Matrix commissions for up to 2^12 descendants
  • Enrollment commissions for up to 5 generations
  • Direct recruits commission on consequent purchases
  • Excellent brand awareness and popularity
  • Many testimonies, product efficacy
  • Still fresh in the Philippines
  • Holding daily seminars in Manila

Please also review the materials below:

1. Marketing Plan 2. FRPI Slideshow 3. Bonus Rewards
Package Boxes # Credit Card Cash / Bank PayPal Extra Features
Activation 3 $144.48 sign up 6,960 n/a -
Family Pack 10 $433.44 sign up 20,880 n/a -
Edge 20 $866.88 sign up 41,760 n/a -
Edge Plus 40 $1733.76 sign up 83,520 n/a Free Listing on Brusas.Me
LBC Delivery all Free Free 190 n/a

The Lifepharm Global Advantages:

The company is based out of Southern California, it has a century-long experience in food supplement industry, and all of their products are guaranteed to be made in the USA. They turned to MLM to leverage for a larger audience, but they are dedicated in making you earn a lot. The marketing plan is purely amazing, it’s enough to get just a couple of recruits to keep your network running, so unlike other networks, even you would stop, you would still have commissions. Moreover the company provides all the support that you need – not only do they conduct daily seminars about their product, they also continuously provide press releases and advertisement, to keep the brand awareness always on high. Another advantage is that it’s still fresh for the Philippines! Unlike other networks, there ain’t too much competition yet, as they’ve just started in 2012. The overseas market, excluding only the Americas, is still unexplored, so you could still be a pioneer! learn more

*All prices are VAT inclusive, IE no additional charges apply.
For international delivery please inquire the shipping cost.

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