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…A lot of people ask about price and price policies on laminine, and so today we shall discuss the laminine price policy for the Philippine market. As a reference I will provide the prices as of today, though eventually the things might change, so if you are looking for an exact price amount for laminine, you should just call us instead.

Retail and membership prices as of June 2016


Recommended retail price in Philippines is 2900 peso, and the price for members is 2320 peso respectively. The price is per box. Each laminine box contains 30 capsules, for aggravated conditions it would last for about 6 days, for slight issues it could last for up to thrice as more.

Products price list:

Laminine 2,900
Laminine Omega+++ 2,900
Digestive+++ 2,600
Immune+++ 2,600

Note, we also have a best price policy and we can offer additional discounts for both members and non-members!

How to get member and get discounted prices

Becoming member is simple, you just have to contact us and purchase 3 boxes, already at discounted price. After that you automatically become a member, and if you plan to do some laminine networking you could ask for your back office ID and password, though if you do not plan so, it is not mandatory either.

To get it even cheaper, you would have to buy our 10 boxes packages, which warrant the cheapest wholesale price for our product. The 10 box laminine package basically costs as if 9 boxes but gets you a plus one box for free. So it’s up to you what to do with that one extra box, you could sell it or use it if you wish.

Please contact us to get even more discounts!

Shipping and other charges

Another question to consider when ordering the product is shipping. Some distributors could ask you for shipping fees, however, if you order through us, your shipping is completely free! Thanks to our new promo it becomes easily available even in distant provincial regions of the Philippines. Once you become a member though, you would be responsible for your own transactions and shipping.

Another good question is could you order laminine from other county? Yes of course, you would just have to send us an inquiry and if you have a paypal account to send us the require amount for the shipping it wouldn’t be of any trouble. It’s not free of course if we send it overseas.

Miscellaneous items

If you require addition materials you could also purchase the DVD’s, booklets and brochures, as well as clinical studies. If you are interested in such, just let us know and we would give you the directions.

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