How to Order Laminine

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I. Order instructions for Philippines

If you are in Philippines, you can avail laminine through one of the following options:

  • laminine-company-logoPICK UP
    Address: Robsinson’s Galleria, Ortigas.
    We can arrange meet-ups for Metro Manila area.
    UnionBank Account #109452260279
    Name: Sergey Bayukanskiy
    Sergey Bayukanskiy @ LBC - Robsinson’s Galleria
    Should you use credit card, after placing your order online, make sure to save your receipt and send it along with your ID & copy of the credit card used.

Call now for more details:    0947-327-1888

II. Order instructions for Overseas

When ordering laminine overseas, send us an inquiry with destination country / city and an exact amount of product boxes,  so we could estimate the shipping cost according to the weight of the package and courier fees. In case you are ordering overseas, the easiest and also the cheapest way to pay would be as follows:

  • First you would order laminine through an online link, and then you would process the payment using your credit card. Make sure to fill out your name and address properly, and as you enroll choose Philippines as your country.
  • Once done, we would then send you a separate PayPal invoice, which would compensate shipping cost. We also understand that shipping is kind of expensive, so if you order 10+ boxes, you could ask for discount on shipping.

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  • For these who ask about CoD option – yes it’s available but only for Manila area.

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