How does Laminine really work?

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Laminine has been shown to be one of the most potent and an effective supplement in years since it has appeared on the Philippine market. It boasts to be the only supplement that has its own radio channel and a weekly TV program on GMA News. Although some people say that Laminine is hard to afford due to it being expensive, well the answer to that is its effectiveness and you get what you pay.

How does laminine actually work?

Now this is an interesting question, because its mechanisms of action are being different to other available supplements in the market. What Laminine actually does is it repairs your body cells, supplying it with proper nutrition from different natural sources. Once the body fulfills the reserve of the missing nutrients, it is capable to repair on its own, and yet the combined laminine formula goes further to actually trigger and enhance this mechanism. Due to its proven and most important ingredient, which is being extracted from fertilized avian eggs with no the destructive post processing or treatment it actually enhances the production and vitality of stem-cells that are used to rebuild the tissues. Now as the body’s cell regenerate, have you been struggling from disease you would feel better and sense some relief; if you have been tired after a long day or workout you would feel more strength and a better sleep. And so as you take laminine, you could experience different effects, depending to the condition of your body.

What is the recommended intake?

Although you could experience short-term and immediate effects after taking laminine, such as improved sleep, enhanced libido and strength, in order to improve a condition of some particular disease you would have to take it for a long-term continuously. Depending to the nature of disease you could expect to have an improvement within 1 or 2 weeks of usage. Now, the recommended intake is as follows, you should take it continuously for 2 weeks and then rest for 1 week, to let your body adjust and also not to be dependent on the supplement. Unlike prescription drugs, there is no particular dosage for laminine, but you could adjust the dosage depending to your condition. Usually it would range from 2 to 8 capsules per day.

Are there any laminine side effects or counteraction?

The answer that is no, there are no side effects as laminine supplement is 100% natural. The only precaution could be taken for these who have an egg allergy. In case of allergy you could lower the dosage and take it periodically until the body adjusts to a new product. If you are being prescribed medicine or in other words drug treatment by your doctor, you should continue it, unless you have evidence that your disease is beginning to improve. However, in order for it not to be interacted with other drugs, you should take some interval and not mix your food supplements and prescribed drugs together. For the best absorption take it on empty stomach with a glass of water before breakfast or at bedtime.

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