Advantages of Laminine business opportunity

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One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes
- Benjamin Disraeli

Ever dreamed of financial freedom, and high income business opportunities? You can be your own boss with the laminine distributor’s package starting from p6,960 only! The company offers tremendous rewards and incentives for the networkers like you, who make the right choose of promoting one of the most successful MLM products in years – which known as Laminine…




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So what are the advantages of the Laminine compensation plan?

We have been trying out a lot of different networks before we joined laminine, and all of them had some particular drawbacks, which has made us to switch to this new network. Basically, most of the marketing plans looks really great on the paper, and are also enthusiastically explained, with compassion and a genuine sense that conveys one message: yes, you can earn through our network and it has a colossal potential for the gain. And although there is no lie and everyone is open for this potential, it does not always work since on practice they put a lot of limitations that limit your gain and returning it back to the company. So let’s compare it with laminine and study some examples where an mlm company gets your pay limited:

First and the most terrible: the pairings

Okey, everyone roughly understands the idea that unlikely laminine most companies utilize pairing binary system in order to calculate your bonuses. Well, although it may look great, in reality it happens all the time that your legs are ending up imbalanced, and although you have then hundreds of people you wouldn’t get paid unless they are all paired. And so the same thing happens for all of your downlines and makes them devoid of pay and demotivated to continue the build up.

Leg balance and flashouts

Another way of diminishing your gain, a method utilized by many networking companies implies a necessity of balancing your leg volume. So basically, even if you had your legs paired, but for some reason customers from the left leg bough much more product (as per volume) than the customers of these on the right, you would still have your bonuses limited and not paid up to full extent. Now, laminine also recommends to balance legs, but it does not apply penalties for not balancing it. It is just once you reach a certain amount of CV you could get some interesting one time bonuses, called director ranks. However, still if you work out only one leg, with laminine you would receive the full gain, and nothing would stop you from that.

Generation depth and its impact

Although some companies would offer a huge percentage cut from these of your downlines, it would be also eventually scaled up and limited with deeper generations. Now if you are not with laminine network, there are many problems with that. Particularly if you are only paid up to 5 generation’s commissions, you would end up your network exhausted very quickly, and that would not allow you to gain without sweating and spending your precious time working and working again. Other companies would offer a cut from x number of generations but their percentage would be close to zero.

Volume requirements

And at last the most annoying feature of the MLM networks is defined as volume requirements. Basically it implies that in order to gain your commissions, which have been promised to you in their marketing plans, you would have to buy a lot of product to qualify, and I mean a lot. Just as an example, to get a cut from your 5th generational downlines they would tell you that you have to purchase a dozen of their products, and to get cut from these on 10th level, you would have to buy hundreds. Now, if you are not a wholesaler there is simply no way you could sell that product, so what you would end up doing in order to gain is that you would have to sell lots of products again and again, and if you are getting busy with something else, it would simply cut off your gain.

However, the Laminine has none of there problems

Indeed, with laminine network all you would have to do is to purchase just 1 or 2 boxes per week, depending to rank and qualification. This would authorize you to receive the full privilege and an astonishing 2-4% cut from up to 12 generations!

You could learn about the other Laminine advantages through our marketing plan.

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